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The Dog House BBS - One of Wales Leading BBS's
01443 400327

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The phone number for callers from outside the UK is +44 1443 400327
FidoNet node number 2:442/618

The Dog House BBS is located in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK. , 12 miles north of Cardiff. Click HERE for a map of WALES

The BBS runs 24 hours a day every day of the year with a maximum access speed of 33600. It's the home of CBSoft Software.

It's connected to mail networks including FidoNet
Points or nodes are available in most of the networks I carry. Email me for more info.

There are file areas for nearly every subject that you could think of including a large collection of Railway GIF / JPGs

The BBS has free access for most areas and file downloads are available on your first call.

It's run on a dedicated machine, a home built 486DX4/100 PC running EleBBS BBS software and T-Mail "front end" mailer. The machine has 32Mb RAM, 3 hard drives (4.3Gb, 1.0Gb and 540Mb) and a CD drive.

What is a BBS? Well it's a computer system that's been set up to allow people to dial in, search for and download files, leave messages, upload files, play online games etc and it's MUCH faster than the Internet. It's conected to various message networks such as FidoNet so messages sent on my BBS will soon be on other BBS's all over the world.

If you have never tried a BBS before why not give this one a call. If you are running Windoze then just call up HyperTerminal and get it to dial
01443 400327.

I would recomend grabbing a copy of the DOS program TERMINATE which is FAR better than HyperTerminal. Grab a copy by clicking HERE

The BBS is run by the one and only (luckily!) Colin Birch. If you want to find out more about me then click HERE.

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