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Who or what is CBSOFT?

CBSOFT is a one man software machine(!) called Colin Birch and located in a town called Pontypridd in South Wales, UK

CBSOFT was originally created many years ago to write software for the VIC20. As the years went by so the software changed to the CBM64 and then to the PC.

Quite a while back I decided to start running a BBS (Bulletin Board System) and created The Dog House BBS. I noticed large gaps in the add-on and utility side of the BBS so started to write a few of my own. CBSOFT now writes utilities and add-ons for assorted BBS systems and doors. These include add-ons for RemoteAccess BBS, ElleBBS, ProBoard BBS, FrontDoor, T-Mail, BGFAX, LORD, DogWorld, Galaxy 5 and others.
All CBSOFT software is totally FREE!!

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