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FunkBoard - [Demo] - [Download]
FunkBoard, the FREE full function multi-thread, highly customisable, open-source bulletin board messaging system. It uses the powerful PHP language and either MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

FunkGallery - [Demo] - [Download]
FunkGallery, the FREE full function, highly customisable, open-source photo gallery system.

FunkWhois - [Demo] - [Download]
FunkWhois - A php 'whois' domain lookup tool script. Can be configured for single tld or multiple tld look up. Can display the owners details for domains already registered and has the option to link to your registration script, should you have one, to register domains that are available.

FunkyFileViewLite - [Demo] - [Download]
FunkyFileViewLite - I run a web site which contains hundreds of photos. I was fed up with people linking direct to the photos on my site and using up my bandwidth to display the photos on their site so I wrote this. Basically instead of using a direct link to the photo on your web page you put in a link to FFVL.PHP and FFVL.PHP displays the picture. Okay, why do that? Well, it means that you can rename the folder that your photos are in as often as you like to stop them being 'leeched' and all you have to do is alter one line in the config file and FFVL.PHP will know where they are :-)

RemoteAccess/ELEbbs/Tmail/FrontDoor BBS utilities.
If you are looking for the CBSoft/DogHouse BBS utilities click HERE

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