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RemoteAccess / EleBBS / ProBoard

NOTE: Programs marked with a should work on ANY BBS software that creates a DOOR.SYS file

  File Name   File Size   Description
AVTDH2_6.ZIP  112000  OnLine archive viewer. Allows BBS callers to look inside archives while on-line.  Also allows the caller to extract and download files from within archives
RCHAT1_8.ZIP  107800  RapidChat split screen chat program
NODEV1_9.ZIP  98269  OnLine nodelist viewer. Allows your callers to browse through the nodelists searching by BBS name, Sysop name, Location, Area code, or just view all entries. Entries can be tagged for download
VARIQOT4.RAR  50067  RemoteAccess / Proboard utility to create ~quote of the day~ screens
ONELN1_4.ZIP  90381  One Line Comments wall creator. Allow your callers to leave one line messages to the next caller
RBFAE1_2.ZIP  54156  RemoteAccess Block File Area Creator. Have you ever added a CD or a large number of file areas to your BBS and wished there was a simple way of creating a large block of file area entries all the same? Well now you can.
VANSI2_2.ZIP  57481  RemoteAccess / EleBBS / ProBoard utility to vary .ASC/.ANS/.AVT screens automatically each time a user logs off
VARIPMT2.ZIP  49971  RemoteAccess / ProBoard utility to vary the character displayed when a user enters his password. For the Sysop who has everything!!
DLC1_1.ZIP  54361 RemoteAccess daily log cutter.Trims your RA log by a Sysop definable number of days with ability to archive entries that are removed.
RAFAM1_1.ARJ  53237 RAFAM.EXE is a RemoteAccess BBS utility to move, copy, delete, edit etc. the file areas in the RA filebase. It allows the Sysop to re-arrange the file areas into the order he wants.
CDCHNG16.RAR  53237 RemoteAccess utility to autodetect what CD(s) are in your CD-Rom drive(s) and update the RA filebase to suit
DC1_1.ZIP  70336 Would you like to be able to create ANS/ASC screens showing who has DROPPED CARRIER on your BBS? Would you like to be able to automatically drop their SEC level if they keep dropping carrier? Would you like to ba able to set user flags when a user drops carrier. Well now you can do this and more.
FLISTDH3.ARJ  54225 ALLFILES and NEWFILES list creator for RemoteAccess BBS's.
RAMUD1_0.ARJ  34974 Ever accidently deleted any of your BBS messages ? Well now you can quickly undelete them again using RemoteAccess Message UnDelete
TAGF1-0I.RAR  106452 RemoteAccess utility which will allow your callers to save a tagged filelist until their next call. Automatically saves tag list if a caller drops carrier
NEWSC2_1.RAR  49465 Create colourful NEWS.A?? files for RemoteAccess and ProBoard BBS's quickly and simply from a plain text file with this program.
WHO.RAR  35233 RemoteAccess utility to create a text file containing the names of callers online on each node.


  File Name   File Size   Description
TMSITE13.ZIP  56377 T-Mail utility to alter the site details automatically after each call
TMR1_04.RAR  62132 Display Inbound / Outbound / Human caller information for the last two days. Can create ASCII / ANSI screens if required
TMDLC1_1.ZIP  57002 Daily log cutter utility for T-Mail. Trims your T-Mail log file by a Sysop definable number of days with ability to archive entries removed
TMEV1_12.ZIP  105183 T-Mail utility to display the events for the day highlighting the next event due. Can also display events for any given day and allows editing of the EVENTS.CTL file. DOS and OS/2 files included
BFTM1_02.ZIP  57372 Netmail fax notifier for T-Mail / BGFAX. If a Fax is received BFAXTM will write a netmail message to a given address and insert an entry into the T-Mail log file. No more missed faxes!!!
TRACK1_0.ZIP  57028 TRACKEM displays the time and date a node polled your system or was polled by your system. Can create ANSI and ASCII screens for display on your BBS.


  File Name   File Size   Description
LCALL1_5.ZIP  54011 FrontDoor utility to display the date, time, name, location and phone number of the last BBS caller when used with RemoteAccess
FDLC0_4.RAR  55168 FrontDoor daily log cutter.Trims your FD log by a Sysop definable number of days with ability to archive entries that are removed.
BFC2_0.ZIP  55755 FrontDoor / BGFAX utility which updates the FrontDoor screen with details of received FAX calls. Also sends a netmail message to inform you a FAX has arrived

General Sysop Utils

  File Name   File Size   Description
MNF1_04.ZIP  57004 Y2K Fix for Ben Baker's MAKENL nodelist generator.
EVENT1_1.ZIP  92750 Would you like to be able to run a certain program on a certain date ? EVENTS.EXE allows you to do that. For example, post a BBS advert on the 1st of every month, run a program every Thursday, run a program on 14 October etc. Plus lots more! Very simple to set up.

General Doors

  File Name   File Size   Description
FVIEW1_5.ZIP  84532 On-Line text file viewer which allows the caller to scroll up and down through the file. Fully Sysop configurable

Non BBS Software

  File Name   File Size   Description
ARCON2_M.ZIP  64509 File archive converter with the ability to auto or manually add user defines files, delete user defined files, auto remove text from FILE_ID.DIZ files, manualy edit FILE_ID.DIZ, Virus Scan, add archive banners and lots more.
DFREE1_4.ZIP  51026 Small utility which displays the amount of free space on all drives attached to the PC. Can output info to screen, text file, printer or ANSI file
DLABEL20.ARJ  48766 3.5" disk label printer

Add-Ons for various BBS Door Games

  File Name   File Size   Description
DEVEN1_1.ZIP  58024 Add-On for the door game DogWorld by Kenneth Cothran. Random events creator
TDOGH1_4.ZIP  123227 IGM for the door game DogWorld. Visit the shrine to Rover, pee against the post or maybe have a drink. Who knows what effect it will have
TDOGH2_2.ZIP  122869 IGM for the door game DogWorld. Visit the casino, bet a few bones - you might just win
AICGAL15.ZIP  113562 Add-On for the door game Galaxy 5. AIC creates Artificial Inteligence Characters (AIC's). These AICs can interact with human players. Also adds Taxman events, random theif events, random plagues and much more
TDHXP1_0.ZIP  143534 Xport (IGM) for the door game Galaxy 5. Allow your players to buy and sell their Hyper Bikes and Craft, gamble with the locals at the inn, flirt with people and lots more
TDHXP2_0.ZIP  127874 Xport (IGM) for door game Galaxy 5. The Temple of Llamados.
TDHB1_4.RAR  169091 IGM for the door game LORD. Allow your LORD players to store their weapon, armour, horse, gems, kids, in fact all their possesions safely from other players. Allows players to buy/sell items with other players. Also includes random theif / con man events

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